My data collection and cookie policy

I believe in transparency when it comes to collected data and cookies. Nowadays, the internet is overrun by companies using cookies to track the user. I believe the internet should be an open and secure place where everyone has full control of their data.

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What are internet cookies?

No, you can't eat them. Cookies are data chunks deliberately placed by websites on your device. They contain information about your interaction with a website. Imagine cookies like a way for you to identify yourself on a website - except you have a different identity for every website.
Cookies created by one website can't be accessed by other websites (under normal conditions).

You can find more about cookies on websites like

How do I use cookies and what data do I collect?

Cookies used on my websites are used for the following purposes:

How you use my website

Cookies placed will contain information about what pages you've browsed, how you got onto this specific page and more.

Your preferred language

This page also keeps track of what language you're used to seeing and will try to automatically adjust to that.

Login Information

This website keeps track of who you're logged in as. This allows you to have a smooth workflow without having to enter your password every few seconds.

You can always delete cookies set by my website without losing unrecoverable data, and you can always opt-out of cookies. At the end of the day, your data should be controlled by you.

My websites also collect some data about your visit, such as:

Logins / Signups

When you create an account and/or sign in, we will keep track of that so you can access your account from all of your devices. Also prevents you from accidentally locking yourself out when deleting your cookies.


When you create a comment on my website, it will be shared and accessible to everyone.

Form Entries

On some of my subpages you might find forms like my contact form. This data will be stored safely on the server and is not accessible to anyone else apart from the administration team.

User-Generated Content

When users upload other types of information to my website, for example in my wiki, it will get shared as well.

The following data is collected as well, however, it does not contain any data that could be used to identify you. This data is recorded and stored securely on my server, only accessible to the administration team.

Where you're from

My website and Cloudflare store your IP address. Usually this information cannot be used to identify you.

What pages you're visiting

I like to know which pages are especially interesting and engaging for my visitors. That's why I'm keeping track of which of my pages you've visited.

How often you've visited my pages

Having users return to my pages is the most rewarding experience. I keep track of how many users visit my website every day.

Do I share these cookies or this data? Am I part of a CORS network?

Short answer: No. Your data and your cookies belong to you and won't be used outside of my services.
Long answer: Some data is shared between the following nodes:

  • (my portfolio page)
  • and respective subdomains (my lab server with experimental projects)

My servers are configured to deny requests from outside of this network.

What is Cloudflare and what about their cookies?

Cloudflare is a service I use to prevent users from performing malicious actions on my website, for example by overloading it with information requests (DoS/DDoS) or scraping my contact information by requiring users to be trustworthy to access them. Cloudflare will occasionally place cookies on your device as well. This is beyond my control. You can read more about it on their website at

Cloudflare describes their cookies like this (retrieved 2020-08-15):
"Strictly Necessary cookies are essential to providing the Cloudflare Websites and Services to you and cannot be turned off. They provide necessary security settings or help you use our Websites’ features and Services as expected (including remembering your cookie consent preferences). Cloudflare places Strictly Necessary cookies both on Cloudflare Websites as well as on our Customers’ websites.
For example, when you visit our Websites or our Customers’ websites, as part of our Services, we may place "_cfduid" cookies, bot detection cookies (such as "_cf_bm" and cookies for CAPTCHA), and a load balancing cookie (_cflb) on the computers of visitors to our Websites and of our End Users. We do this in order to identify malicious visitors to our Websites and our Customers’ websites, to assist with web-traffic filtration, and to reduce the chance of blocking legitimate users. You can learn more about these cookies here. You cannot turn off Strictly Necessary cookies."

I have a question!

I'm happy to answer any questions or inquiries about your data. You can contact me via the form at or via email ( [email protected] )

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