Welcome to my new blog!

Here is where I intend to post some new stuff every now and then. This includes, but is not limited to, my work, ideas, concepts, interesting thoughts and more.

A blog is something that should represent an individuals thoughts and inner processes. It should inform the reader. Unfortunately, my old blog did not achieve this goal. That's why I have achieved all of my old blog posts and am now starting all over.

Portal 2 was one of my greatest childhood memories. A game that had everything I could have wanted. It even got me into coding.

It's nothing new that the internet is a harsh, unforgiving place. Phishing attacks are waiting for unsuspecting victims, worms are spamming your mail inbox, and worst of all: The website you're trying to access is not responding.
The most frustrating part about websites, apps etc. not being able to load is, however, likely not the poor infrastructure, but usually the result of Distributed Denial of Service attacks.