A list of my projects

This page is an ever-growing list of projects I'm working on. Feel free to look around!

Please note that these projects are split into two categories: I am actively contributing to some of these projects, and I've contributed to a few projects here and there too.

Background image provided by Pexels and Pixabay

Since November 2020 I've been working for the small German community LunarGaming. My focus is deploying and managing our server network whilst taking care of most software configuration and keeping systems in check.

Godot Engine is an awesome, open-source game engine. Its flow allows you to prototype ideas within minutes.

Homecoming is an indie game that I'm developing with a small team. However, we don't want to spoil you so that's why this page is secret! So shh, don't tell anyone!

GRAV is an awesome open-source CMS that I've been using for years now. I use it to run this website, too!